Using Wedding Websites for Couples For Your Quickly Approaching Wedding


Are you currently working to plan a spectacular wedding? Although they might be often overlooked, you should definitely consider capitalizing on wedding websites for couples! If you haven’t been introduced to these sites yet, you should definitely get acquainted with them right away! By signing up, you will be able to create a very beautiful display, which will also prove to be very helpful. Your guests will have a place to find all of the information they need, as well as updates about your planning process. What else can you do with your website? You will be able to find out below.

Knowing Your Options

First and foremost, you should take the time to learn more about your options. What exactly do you have available to you? Well, when signing up for wedding websites for couples, you will have two options, paid and free. Other than that, there will be an assortment of different providers out there and each will offer a variety of different features to choose from. Although the free options are wonderful, they’re slightly limited too.

In terms of functionality, free sites will limit you slightly, due to restrictions on bandwidth and disk space. Also, free sites might come with an ad. If you don’t want a distracting ad on your website, you will want to upgrade to the paid alternative. Although either option is reasonable, you should make sure to choose the one that is right for you and your significant other.


When attempting to built your wedding website, you will want to make sure that your loved ones are going to be able to access it easily. Your friends and family likely have a smartphone, tablet or a computer. With this in mind, you should make sure that you choose a website that will be accessible on all of these devices. Although the majority of the providers out there offer this convenience, you should look around and make sure, before signing up.

Online Invites and RSVPs

When planning your wedding, you’ll eventually need to alert your guests of the upcoming event! In order to do this, you will first use save the dates. After this, you’ll need to send out invitations. Although it is possible to shell out a significant amount of money for beautiful invites, this isn’t a requirement. Instead, you will want to contemplate sending online invites. You can also spice these up with beautiful logos and pictures, but the overall process will be much less costly.

On the other hand, you should always ask for RSVPs in return. This will help you figure out the precise number of people that will be attending. With your own website, you will actually be able to accept these invites through text message and email! This will help you get the information much quicker, which will ultimately speed up the planning process.

Entertainment Webpage

If you have selected to hire a band for your wedding, you should alert everyone of this decision. You will also have the option of keeping the band open for song requests. Take the time to create an entertainment webpage on your website, so all of your guests will know what to expect.

If you truly want to be creative, you can also allow your guests to make their song request virtually. Collect their requests and take them with you to the wedding and give them to the wedding planner, so they can hand them off to the band. This will allow the time to get prepared for playing each song.

Meal Requests

Are you having a potluck dinner menu and need your guests to bring a specific recipe to the reception? If so, you should set up a webpage on your website and provide your guests with a potluck dinner request. This way everyone will bring a different type of food, instead of taking the risk of them all bringing a dessert or entrée.

Create a link on your main page, so your guests will be able to gain instant access to the meal request webpage. It is wise to alert every one of your menu options, so they will be prepared. You definitely do not want anyone to turn up empty handed, but remember never offend your guests, if this does happen. Just settle with the pots that you have and enjoy your special day.

Sharing The URL

Eventually, you’ll need to make sure that your loved ones are able to find your site. This can be done, by word of mouth, social media or through email! Be sure to spread the URL to everyone, who is going to be attending your wedding.


A wedding website guestbook will be a very handy tool for you and your significant other. Every individual that visits your website will have the option to sign your guestbook. This will help you keep up with everyone, plus they can also leave comments. It is very exciting to receive these wonderful comments, especially when they are complimenting you on your wedding gown, décor, and website.

Be creative, when you are designing your personal website, because you want it to stand out above the rest. You do not need to be an expert in the field of website designing. As a matter of fact, you just need to be engaged and willing to tackle the task.

Reception Music Request

Believe it or not, the wedding reception is the most exciting part of the wedding. This is the best opportunity for everyone to wind down and get to know each other. Planning a wedding is a difficult and drawn out process, now it is time to enjoy and let your hair down.

The best way to get your family and friends involved, in your wedding is by giving them the option of a specific song to be played, during the reception. Just set up a poll, so everyone can voluntarily provide you with a few songs that they would enjoy hearing at your reception.

It is always a great idea to select as many of these songs, as possible, because it will encourage everyone to hit the dance floor. Not only will you be getting your guests involved in your event, but they will also be able to reminisce back to their wedding day, when their song is being played.

Venue Location

Once you have chosen a wedding and reception venue, you will need to alert your guests. Make sure that you do this immediately, after you have made your final choice, because you want to give everyone enough time to prepare for your special day. Some of your guests may reside out of town, so they will definitely need longer to prepare than those that live in your vicinity.

Provide them with the venue’s location and phone number, so they will be able to map out the area, before they head to the airport. This will definitely help those that are planning on renting a vehicle, because they will be stressed for time and one more task may cause them to be late.


When it comes down to it, wedding websites for couples can be extremely helpful, during the wedding planning. Not only will you benefit, as a couple, but also your guests will have quick and easy access to the information they desire. With your website, you will be able to create something beautiful and useful! By utilizing all of the information presented above, you will learn exactly how to use the website and benefit dramatically. Be sure to continue playing around, until your website is perfect for your needs.