Finding 90 Inch Round Tablecloths For Your Wedding


There are tons of different things that need to selected and purchased, during the process of planning your wedding. Some individuals will need 90 inch round tablecloths, while others will need a different size and shape. With this in mind, you will need to take the time to measure your tables and choose the right tablecloths for your wedding. There are numerous elements to take into account and each of them will be explored in more depth below.

Know Your Tables

During the beginning stages of your wedding planning, you will select several different things, including a theme and color scheme. After these, you will want to focus on specific elements of your weddings décor. At this stage, you will select your wedding tables! This is a very important aspect and will help you choose the right tablecloths. With this in mind, there are several things to consider, when purchasing drapes for your tables.

When choosing your tablecloths, you will need to look at size and shape. Using a tape measurer is highly recommended and will help to ensure that you get the right size for your tables! After you’ve gotten the precise measures for your table, you will want to take the time to use a tablecloth calculator. This little tool, which can be found online, will help you find the exact size of tablecloth you need for your table! After this, it will come down to finding the one that you like, before making your purchase.

Know The Different Materials and Fabrics

As with any linen, you should know that tablecloths are going to be available in the form of different materials and fabrics. This can increase your overall selection greatly and might make the selection process a little more difficult. The material that you select will change everything, including the price, cleaning process and the overall care requirements. Before making your purchase, it is essential to take the time to explore each of these fabrics and to get to know more about them.

Where To Shop

Eventually, you’re going to need to explore the various retailers that supply these items. There are many retailers that do, but each will offer different benefits. First and foremost, you will want to take the time to check out the retailers nearest to you. These retailers might offer a limited supply, but you’ll be able to check out their goods in person. Also, you will be able to haggle with the dealer and even order from the store’s special order catalogue.

After this, you will want to take your search online. By doing this, your selection will increase dramatically. You will certainly be able to find a much great amount of options, but you will need to be a little more careful online. Remember that there are many schemers and scammers online and they’re all trying to get your money. Therefore, you will need to read reviews and make sure that you’re fully prepared, before making your purchase. Still, online shopping offers better prices and a bigger selection in most cases.

Finally, you should remember that wholesale shopping is always another fitting alternative. Of course, this one is also provided with pros and cons. Remember that these retailers usually offer a very tiny selection and you will be required to make your purchase in bulk. This is fine, if you’re going to be using a large number of tables. If not, you might be better off buying through a different route. Otherwise, the prices are usually cheaper, which will make the purchase better in some senses.

Proper Care and Handling

When you decide to use these linens, within your wedding venue, you should know that some of them are capable of wrinkling very easily. This can create a complication! Therefore, you will need to learn how to properly handle and care for the material, in order to prevent wrinkles! You should fold the linens carefully and make sure that they remain wrinkle free, until the day of your wedding. Of course, this is nearly impossible, so it best to have a backup plan.

With this in mind, you will want to consider purchasing a steamer or an iron. Both items can be extremely helpful, when attempting to remove wrinkles from various materials. Although the iron is much less costly, it will also take significantly longer to utilize. Therefore, you might be better off purchasing and using a steamer, although they can be slightly more costly. With either item, you will be able to ensure that all of the wrinkles are completely removed from the linen, before adding them to your tables! Be sure to plan ahead and make sure you have enough to time for this action, before the ceremony begins.

Check Organza

Are you looking for a tablecloth that will stand out above the rest? Of course, many couples will opt to utilize the table linen that is provided by the catering company, but if you want your venue to look more unique you should take advantage of the check organza. Organza is a transparent, sparkly fabric that has a very romantic feel.

You can purchase a check design to give your tables a bit of pizzazz. This unique design is perfect for any formal event. If you choose to take advantage of the beautiful organza tablecloth, you may want to place a plain white tablecloth underneath the organza, since the fabric is so thin. This will prevent the banquet table top from being visible to the naked eye.

Crinkle Taffeta

Most individuals would not consider taffeta a wedding linen option, but it genuinely is, because it is very sleek. The crinkle taffeta will be perfect for any winter or spring wedding, because the crinkles give it the appearance of being wavy and sort of messy, which is suitable for these themes.

The crinkle taffeta tablecloth is available in an array of colors and sizes, so you will surely find something to suit your needs and preferences. You can also purchase a roll of crinkle taffeta and create sashes to go around the back of your reception chairs. This will balance out the colors and style, which will definitely be very pleasing to the eye.

Satin Tablecloth

Satin is a highly favored wedding tablecloth fabric, because it provides elegance to any reception table. While you will find an array of fabrics to select from, you will find that satin is more sleek and elegant than other types. It is very soft to touch, so it will not make your guests feel uncomfortable, when they rub their arms up against the fabric.

It is important to think of your guests’ comfort, when selecting a linen fabric, but you must consider your preferences, as well. Satin is very desirable and will enhance any ordinary reception venue. If you are looking for a beautiful tablecloth, you should not pass up the satin linen.

You will find a large array of colors and sizes that are available to you, so be sure to do a bit of research, before you make your final selection.

Embroidered Organza

You cannot go wrong with an organza tablecloth, but add a little charm to the over design, you should consider embroidery. This will definitely add delicacy and provide an overall luxurious ambience to any atmosphere. You can also purchase embroidered organza tablecloths that are personalized. Just be sure to search around the Internet, until you find an online linen store that is willing to customize your tablecloths. Of course, this may cost you a bit more money, but you can always purchase one of these for the bride and groom’s table, so it will outshine the others.

Lace Overlay

Instead of throwing a plain tablecloth on your reception tables, you should consider a lace overlay. This will be perfect for all of your reception tables, but you must remember that your tables must be in perfect condition. Lace is a transparent fabric with beautiful designs sewn into it, so it will not conceal a damaged table top.

Lace overlays will work perfect, if you choose to use a plain colored tablecloth, as the base. White or ivory lace overlays will look fabulous draped over a purple or pink satin tablecloth. Keep this in mind, when you are searching for 90 inch tablecloths, because it will work perfectly for your wedding.


Anyone, who is going to be using 90 inch round tables at their weddings, will want to make sure to use the most beautiful 90 inch round tablecloths, as well. By doing this, you will be able to enhance the overall appearance and beauty of your venue, while impressing each and every person, who enters. With the information presented above, you should have a much easier time making this selection and beautifying your venue a tad bit more.